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  Mr. Han Li Xun is China's top stage lighting designer, a true visual creation artist, who reached the peak of his career when he was appointed Chief Production Designer during 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony. From there, he aspires for a new vision in China’s visual creation industry.


  Mr. Gilbert B. Mar, a successful entrepreneur from Taiwan, operating the one and only country club in Shanghai Tianma Town, has always been determined to contribute idiosyncratic elements to his business.


  When Mr. Han and Mr. Mar met by chance, they both decided to embark upon a new project together---to create an innovative performance stage. After setting up the “Hanma Creative Studio” and establishing a “Hanma Creative Development Fund” with Shanghai Theatre Academy, a glorious floating stage was born, named “Memory of Wind”. The stage was completed on June 6th, 2010 as Mr. Han Li Xun’s first masterpiece at Tianma Country Club.


  The Hanma Creative Studio’s development depended on the support of Tianma Country Club for which the club itself already possessed a profound background, years of experience, and many advantageous resources. Tianma’s resourceful platform allowed the studio to grow professionally as the studio manages all the planning, performances, production, arts, etc.