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Happy Farm

  After last year’s new renovations, the Hobby Farm has expanded with more family friendly facilities for all members and guests. Here you can enjoy a variety of activities: drinking tea, fishing, games, planting, animals, barbecue and more! Come experience and enjoy the simple pleasures of the countryside.


  Tea house: Here we offer a wide variety of teas including Taiwan's High Mountain Tea, Oolong Tea, different famous brands of Longjing Tea, assorted Flowering Tea, etc.


  Fishing Area: If you love fishing and want to share the sport with your kids, this newly renovated fishing area is perfect place to spend quality time with you and your family!


  Planting Area: An outdoor and indoor greenhouse, here we offer a variety of organic seasoned vegetable and fruits. Come pick some fresh produce during harvest season, there's nothing better than fresh-picked fruits and vegetables right from the patch! We also offer garden space rentals where you can grow a garden of your own and we provide maintenance and cares services.


  Zoo Area: If you love animals, our zoo has peacocks, rabbits, chickens, gooses, goats, and the Hobby Farm mascot--- Zai Zai the Pig!


  Barbecue Area: The Hobby Farm has all the barbecue equipment you need and a menu of assorted fresh meats and vegetables. There’s no better place to have a weekend barbecue with your friends and family!


  Children’s Discovery Center: The Discovery Center offers fully supervised "play" while at the same time challenging the kids to creative ways of approaching arts & crafts as well. Kids come and work at our craft tables, often taking breaks to play in our "Little Dark Room" or "Little Engineer", dress up in our little theatre, play house in our "Little Home Sweet Home", read one of the many books in our little library, play in our outdoor area which offers a mini sandbox, little nursery for planting, bubbles, squirt guns, etc., and of course the indoor playground.